Opportunities to deepen your practice

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Kim Holton

Kundalini Yoga & Gong Immersions

These longer immersion workshops create space and time to deepen your practice. Working in the tradition of Kundalini Yoga, we will use rhythm of the breath, posture, and meditation to connect with instincts and intuition, release stress and energize. Immersions conclude with a half hour savasana, or final relaxation, with live gong. Because the tones and vibrations of the gong do not follow a predictable pattern, the mind cannot make sense of it and will move into a state of relaxed awareness. In this way, the gong is an instrument for creating a spontaneous meditative state so that the listener can let go of doing – and feel the joy of simply being. ALL levels welcome

​​​Gong Bath Meditations

7-7:30pm, 3rd Sunday of each month @ Searchlight Yoga

Come immerse yourself in the sounds of the gong. The gong is a great prop to deep your savasana, as the complex sounds of alter brain waves to promote deep relaxation. ALL levels welcome to this half hour practice done lying down. Donation-based offering. Please plan to join the yoga class beforehand if you would like guided movement before the meditation.